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Welcome to the Northern Nevada Dollar Error Gallery.

You have found your way to our favorite section of this website. These pages exhibit part of our collection of Silver dollar errors using higher resolution scans, so please be patient as the pages may load slowly. We considered using faster loading scans, but feel that you would not be able to see the details that we'd like to show.

We enjoy collecting dollar errors because with as many dollars as we buy and sell day in and day out errors in this series are still rarely seen. Most of these types of errors would have never left the mint building because at that time coins were just money and nobody wanted a piece of money they couldn't spend. Besides that, the coiner could be fired for shoddy work. Quality control should have thrown them back into the melting pot had they been caught. On larger coins, such as these, errors were most often caught and destroyed at the mint being as they were easier to spot than a smaller size.

If you have a dollar error and are considering selling it we are always looking to expand our own gallery. For us this is our fun. Please feel free to contact us if you have a dollar error, or any other neat error for that matter, that you would like to sell. Thank you, and again these errors are not for sale, they are here for your viewing enjoyment.

Scroll down to start your tour or click the link to take you directly to your favorite piece.

82-CC Offcenter Dollar91-CC Offcenter Dollar84-CC Struck Through Dollar
Rotated Reverse Dollar1880-S 10% Offcenter Morgan1889-O Offcenter Morgan
1902-S Offcenter Morgan1921 Broadstruck Morgan1922-S Broadstruck Peace Dollar
Silver Dollar BlankModern CC Offcenter MedalEngraved 1921-D Morgan

1882-CC 10% Offcenter Morgan Dollar

The first coin on this tour is an Uncirculated 1882-CC Dollar that was struck 10% off center. What this means is that the planchet being fed into the press had not come to rest on the dies before it was struck. Like the Broken CC, this coin has two of the same attributes that make us excited. It is from our home town of Carson City and it is a Morgan dollar error. We do love CC errors!

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1891-CC 10% Offcenter Morgan Dollar

Our newest acquisition is an 1891-CC Dollar struck 10% offcenter. This piece is a similar error to the 1882-CC above, but with some exciting twists. This is now our second favorite error, only because the Broken CC Dollar simply cannot be topped. However, this piece is not only a rare date CC Dollar, but also extremely nice for the grade. We do love CC errors!

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1884-CC Struck Through grease Morgan Dollar

Another new acquisition we have just added is an 1884-CC Dollar graded MS-61 that was struck through grease giving it a very interesting flat look.

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1878-CC Rotated Reverse Morgan Dollar

So what's so special about this coin. This Carson City Dollar error has a rotated reverse. If you hold a U.S. coin in your hand and turn it over top over bottom (not side to side) the reverse should appear right side up. With this coin the reverse was struck with a rotated die,

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1880-S 10% Offcenter Morgan Dollar

This coin is Uncirculated 1880-S Dollar that was struck 15% off center. Although this error is not a Carson City error, it is a Morgan dollar with a dramatic striking error. An off center is created by the coin being struck when the planchet is not in perfect alignment with the dies. Under normal circumstances the collar would have held the planchet in place for the dies to strike.

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1889-O 5% Offcenter Morgan Dollar

Another one our our offcenter Morgan Dollars. This coin is an Almost Uncirculated 1889-O Dollar that was struck 5% off center. Although this error is not as dramatic as the 82-CC, it is still a pretty interesting coin.

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1902-S 5% Offcenter Morgan Dollar

This coin is interesting because like our CC errors, this is a better date coin and an error. Struck 5% offcenter like our 1889-O.

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1921 Broadstruck out of Collar Morgan Dollar

Here is a 1921 Morgan Dollar Broadstruck out of the collar graded MS-64 by PCGS. Even though this error is not quite as dramatic as the previous errors, it is a dollar error. We debated on whether or not to buy this one when it was offered to us, but in the end we did just because dollar errors are so rare.

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1922 Large Broadstruck out of collar Peace Dollar

Here is a 1922-S Peace Dollar Broadstruck out of the collar graded AU-55 by PCGS. Wow, at first glance this error does not look as dramatic, but as you look you get a feel for how dramatic it really is. The coin looks much larger than a regular issue dollar due to the fact that much of the metal was pushed outward during the striking process, due to the collar not coming up to meet the coin. And also, Peace dollars are much rarer due to a shorter production run, improved technology, and better quality control. Too bad the Carson City Mint wasn't around to strike these beauties.

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Silver Dollar Blank Planchet

Here is a Type 2 sliver dollar planchet graded AU58 by PCGS. When planchets were made for silver dollars there were two steps to the process. First, the planchet was cut from the strips of metal, what a type 1 planchet would be. Second, the edges of the blank planchet were rolled. This rounded the sides in preparation for the denticles and edge of the coin to be struck up. Our planchet made it through the cutting and rolling processes, but never to striking. One can always wonder what year this planchet was made. Was it intended for a Morgan dollar? A Peace dollar? Or, could this one have even been made earlier and intended for a Seated dollar? We will never know, but it does add some intrigue to the piece.

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Offcenter Pony Express Medal

Here is a really cool piece. While this is not a "Silver Dollar" error, it fits very well with our collection as it was struck at the Carson City Mint. During the 2002 Carson City Coin Show, which is held annually in the old mint building, the mint struck some of these Pony express medals for souveniers. This particular piece was struck offcenter in error. The staff at the mint decided to hold a silent auction to benefit the Museum which is now housed in the CC Mint building, and we won the auction. We are very proud of this piece because it may be the only "Modern" mint error from the Carson City Mint.

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Engraved 1921-D Morgan Dollar

In 1921 then director of the Denver mint embarked on a plan to engrave the first 100 Morgan Dollars to be minted by his facility. It became readily apparent that there simply was not enough time to complete the task, engraving dollars being much more arduous than expected. The project was stopped after only 12 coins were completed. This coin is number 4 of the twelve and definately one of our favorite pieces. Whilenot strictly an "error", it is a fascinating bit of numismatic history that still fits in well with our collection.

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