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Our Carson City Staff

Photo of Allen Rowe

Allen Rowe

Head Numismatist

As the owner of Northern Nevada Coin, I am proud to present my team. Every person on my team has been hand selected for their integrity and abilities. Many of the people we have working here have come from recommendations throughout the community. Over the years we have refined our team to the best of the best. Most on our team have deep roots in Nevada and in the communities in which we serve. It is with pride that we serve you as friends and neighbors, and presenting Nevada friendliness to our online customers throughout the country.

I have been interested in coins since I was about the age of ten. Spending paper route money on coins was my favorite pass-time at that age. After graduating high school I continued my education at the University of Nevada Reno where I earned my degree in medical sciences. But, the coin bug was always in my blood. While attending college I bought and sold coins in my free time to make expenses. After graduating I was faced with a choice, to continue my education and earn a masters degree or pursue my growing passion in coins. I decided to follow my heart. In 1993 I formed and incorporated Northern Nevada Coin and Bullion, DBA as Northern Nevada Coin. After all these years I still look forward to going to work and especially which new coins I will get to see that day. Having handled nearly every coin that had been minted in the United States and many great foreign rarities, experience has taught me to appreciate every aspect of collecting and dealing in coins. I have met many great people over the years and enjoyed helping them build a collection as unique as they are.

I was not born in Nevada, but have lived here all but eight years of my life. Nevada is and always has been my 'home'. I have explored many miles of its beautiful topography and still enjoy doing so. I participate in many of the outdoor activities Nevada has to offer such as fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking. We live in a great place for that. I am married and have two children. Prioritizing my life is easy; God, family, and coins.

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Photo of Cindy Rowe

Cindy Rowe

Human Resources Manager

Cindy is our Office Manager. She has worked at Northern Nevada Coin forever in mind - but only recently in body. Cindy also helps with many of our customers on a daily basis. Being a lover of the Victorian era, Cindy really enjoys examining the vintage jewelry that comes in. Pink is her favorite color, and so she can often be found in pink attire at the office.

Photo of Lisa Whitstone

Lisa Whitstone

Personal Assistant

Lisa is our Executive Assistant here at Northern Nevada Coin. She joined Northern Nevada Coin in 2006 after spending over 17 years as a liscensed veterinary nurse. Commonly referred to as that "smiling voice on the phone", Lisa manages many of the office operations and is an integral part of our team. She enjoys working with all of us here at Northern Nevada Coin and especially with our wonderful customers.

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Photo of Tony Latragna

Tony Latragna

Director of Operations
Senior Numismatist

Tony is one of our primary numismatists and our director of operations. He is also one of the faces you will see at the trade shows. Tony began working at Northern Nevada Coin years before his employment here. As the owner of his own electrical company Tony became familiar with us here as he did all of our electrical work through three different remodels. When the economy turned and construction halted here in northern Nevada he came to us without coin experience, but with a knowledge of our company and eagerness to learn. Tony loves his career and has quickly burgeoned into a force in our company. He still looks forward to many years in the numismatic field.

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Photo of Wade Olds

Wade Olds

Numismatist/Bullion Manager

Wade is one of our numismatists in the Carson store, and a roving manager when the need arises. He is also one of our team that you may often find at the trade shows. Wade used to be into bodybuilding, but now he's into hefting bullion. He claims to prefer the 100oz silver bars to keep his muscles in tip-top condition, but he has still been sighted at the gym many times.

Wade is fascinated with coins, particularly Morgan and Trade Dollars and enjoys contemplating the history of each one he examines.

Photo of Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson


Mike loves his job at Northern Nevada Coin. Mike is a precious metals specialist, but also our showroom face. Mike loves God, coins, coin collecting, talking coins, and most importantly - serving others. A collector at heart, Mike has enjoyed years of collecting a variety of things, but Pan Pacific exposition material is his clear favorite. After years as a union plumber, Mike was ecstatic to work in an industry that he loves. Customers love coming in to see Mike and his smiling face.

Photo of Michael Flanagan

Michael Flanagan

Precious Metals Specialist

Michael is one our Precious Metals Specialists. With 20 years of sales and customer service experience under his belt, we considered him a great asset to the NNC team. Michael loves American history, and especially Nevada history, which leads us to Carson City coins. While he is not as seasoned in the world of coins as some of us, he is quickly becoming one of our go to guys on the floor.

Photo of Lori Tureson

Lori Tureson

Precious Metals Specialist

Lori is one of the Precious Metal Specialists in our Carson City location. Prior to coming to Northern Nevada Coin, she was an accomplished school teacher. When not working in the shop, she enjoys engaging in physical activities like gymnastics and hiking or biking in Northern Nevada's beautiful outdoors. She is very friendly and can't wait to help our great customers.

Photo of Autumn James

Autumn James

Jewelry Manager

Autumn is Northern Nevada Coin's Jewelry Manager. With a background in Interior Design, experience in jewelry, and passion for the mingling of the two Autumn keeps our jewelry stocked and looking great. Autumn loves the fact that she can pursue her passion for history as she works through the vintage pieces on a daily basis. Autumn is an outdoors person, so much so that her husband calls her 'The Combat Barbie'. With a diverse interest in many activities, she likes the variety of things to do in northern Nevada. Being a native Nevadan is a fact that she is proud of.

Photo of Dominic Martinelli

Dominic Martinelli

Systems Project Manager

Dom's diverse roles include building and maintaining the website, managing the IT department, creating ads for multiple publications in multiple formats, and keeping tabs on nearly everything electronic. Dominic claims to be pretty green when it comes to coins, but admits having had a few at one point or another. Dominic has a very eclectic background including fine art, marketing and technology which brings Northern Nevada Coin some of its power and uniqueness.

Contact Dominic

Photo of John Man

John Man

Information Technology

John is a one man show when it comes to maintaining our computer system. If a computer breaks, he is first at the scene! Under the influence of copious amounts of coffee, John is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of our network. He brings years of customer service experience, enabling him to communicate in plain English as apposed to 'tech talk'. John also dabbles in electronics, robotics, and philosophy.

Photo of Kenny Cowden

Kenny Cowden

Shipping Clerk

Kenny is our shipping guy. He has worked off and on for Northern Nevada Coin for the last few years and is now here to stay. He takes pride in what he does and loves to work. He is always willing to help out and enjoys working in an environment filled with so much history. Kenny loves to learn and always enjoys a good conversation with people. He hopes to be a Youth Pastor one day because he wants to be there to grow the next generation and help them during hard times. He also loves his wife and enjoys being around family and friends all the time.

Photo of Robyn Gauvreau

Robyn Gauvreau

Precious Metals Specialist
Jewelry Sales

Originally a Southern California girl, Robyn moved to Northern Nevada in 2000. A guitar player, and singer as well, she enjoys spending time with her husband in their back yard making music. Robyn is one our Precious Metal and Jewelry specialists, and she's spent her whole life in the jewelry business. She loves God, family, life, and diamonds and looks forward to helping our customers find something beautiful every time they come in.

Photo of In Memory of Scott Berry

In Memory of Scott Berry


Scott Berry, 51, was a long time employee until his unexpected passing on December 10th, 2010. Scott was one of the first employees here at Northern Nevada Coin and was an integral part of our team. Scott sorted hundreds of thousands of silver dollars and other coins as our primary dollar sorter. Many customers will miss the time, knowledge, and patience he extended at the counter. Phone customers will miss his smooth radio voice and the extra care he provided. We will miss Scott's humor, kindness, diligence, and demeanor at work. It is with sad hearts that we say, "Good-bye old friend."

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