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Welcome to our Certified Mexican Gold page

We love the Mexican 50 Peso. It is a huge gold coin with an incredibly beautiful design. The net weight of gold in these coins is a hefty 1.2057 ounces of gold, making it one of the heaviest gold coins ever made for circulation. This is an area of the coin market that we feel is undervalued. Our neighbors to the South made a coin of comparable beauty to our Saint Gaudens and yet these coins are still very affordable. Mexican coins are becoming ever more popular and coins of this caliber are in short supply. Each coin on this page has been hand selected for quality and certified for grade and authenticity. Common uncertified pieces can be purchased via our Bullion page, but for the discerning collector looking for the highest quality and date range this is the place for you.

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Mon Dec 17 09:28:54 2018