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As the areas leading gold and silver buyer, we are proud to offer up to the minute gold and silver prices* and an easy to use chart for values of the most popular forms of bullion traded. Our chart features our buy and sell spread of these bullion coins. Of course spots and premiums are subject to change, so this chart should be correct but used for indication purposes only. To execute a trade, or if you have items to trade not listed below, please contact one of our gold buyers for the current pricing information. We primarily focus on rare U.S. coins, but are proud to offer competitive, no hassle trading in bullion to our customers. We serve not only the Carson Valley but also: Reno, Sparks, Lake Tahoe, Truckee, Incline Village, Fallon, Winnemucca, Minden, Gardnerville, and the surrounding areas. *Prices shown on the screen are courtesy of Kitco, but may not reflect the actual market at the moment. Please come in to lock in your bullion deal today.

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After 3:00 P.M. PST please call to confirm rates as buy/sell spreads may widen

Call us at 1-888-836-5527

Gold Bullion
Click hyperlinks to see pics! 25+ pcs. 10 to 24 pcs. Less Than 10 pcs.
We Buy We Sell We Buy We Sell We Buy We Sell
Spot/Melt Spot/Melt Spot/Melt Spot/Melt Spot/Melt Spot/Melt
1oz. Gold Eagles +$10.00 +$58.00 +$5.00 +$62.00 -$0.00 +$65.00
1oz. Gold Buffalo (BU) +$10.00 +$58.00 +$5.00 +$62.00 -$0.00 +$65.00
1oz. Krugerrands -$12.00 +$35.00 -$17.00 +$40.00 -$22.00 +$45.00
1oz. Maples .9999 BU -$12.00 +$35.00 -$17.00 +$40.00 -$22.00 +$45.00
1oz. Maples .999 or Nice -$25.00 +$35.00 -$30.00 +$40.00 -$35.00 +$45.00
1oz. Panda (Sealed) -$12.00 +$55.00 -$17.00 +$60.00 -$20.00 +$65.00
30g. Panda (Sealed) 2016 Newer -$12.00 +$50.00 -$17.00 +$55.00 -$20.00 +$60.00
1oz. Roo's/Nugget/Phils -$15.00 +$35.00 -$20.00 +$40.00 -$25.00 +$45.00
1oz. Bars (Carded-brand our choice) -$17.00 +$30.00 -$20.00 +$35.00 -$25.00 +$40.00
1oz. Other .999(or lightly circ coinage) -$33.00 N/A -$37.00 N/A -$50.00 N/A
Mex 50 Peso 1.2057 AGW 97.50% +2.5% 96.50% +3.5% 95.00% +4%

Silver Bullion
500+ Oz. 100 to 499 Oz. 1 to 99 Oz.
American Silver Eagle (buy for fresh tubed and sell for current year) +$1.00 +$2.70 +$0.75 +$3.00 +$0.50 +$3.25
Canadian Silver Maple (Sealed/Tubed) +$0.00 +$2.25 -$0.25 +$2.40 -$0.50 +$2.80
1oz. Rounds -$0.30 +$1.10 -$0.40 +$1.25 -$0.50 +$1.50
1oz. Bars -$0.30 +$1.10 -$0.40 +$1.25 -$0.50 +$1.50
5oz. Bars -$0.30 +$1.00 -$0.40 +$1.20 -$0.50 +$1.50
10oz. Rounds/Bars -$0.35 +$0.90 -$0.50 +$1.10 -$0.75 +$1.30
100oz. JM/EH Bars -$0.40 +$0.75 -$0.60 +$0.95 -N/A +N/A
100oz. Other -$0.45 +$0.75 -$0.60 +$0.95 -N/A +N/A
.999. Odd weight Bars/Rounds -$0.60 +$0.90 -$0.85 +$1.00 -$1.00 +$1.25
.999. Melt ask N/A 85% N/A 80% N/A

Platinum and Palladium
Platinum and Palladium are subject to dramatic changes in market conditions; as such,
these numbers are indications only! Actual Buy/Sell rates may differ!
We Buy We Sell We Buy We Sell
PT Bar/Misc 1oz. -$40.00 +$75.00 1oz. Pall. Bar/ Misc. -$45.00 +$50.00
PT Noble/Koala -$40.00 +75.00 10 oz. Pall. -$36.00 N/A per ounce
PT Eagle +$25.00 +ASK
PT Maple -$31.00 +$85.00

Items on this page are not collectibles, they are commodities. Due to the volatility of these prices, in order to purchase metals from us, you must follow these terms of sale to the letter.

When shopping around the internet there are a host of companies selling gold and silver bullion. Some of these companies advertise better prices than we do, so why would you still choose us. It is the way we do business. We are not set up as a sales force looking for leads. Once you have bought the loss-leader of these 'sales force' companies they will call and offer you other coins that they have a much higher profit margin in (usually when you receive one of these calls you can call us and find the same thing for 20-30% less than that of their 'special' price). When you buy from us your transaction is simple and done. Most companies offering lower bullion prices are doing so as a lead generator. Once you buy from them they have set you up as a customer. This means that they will have a salesman calling you anywhere from once a month to as frequently as daily. Once, as a lead, you have 'cooled off' and are no longer buying from their company they will sell your name as a lead to a host of other 'sales force' companies who will be regularly calling to try and sell you coins. So as a consumer you can pay a little more to a company who will not badger you into buying more coins, or you can save a little money now and endure a host of calls badgering you to buy some special offer that has just arisen. When one thinks of this logic, saving $150 on a $40,000+ transaction does not seem quite as appealing. Our customers see the value of not being badgered or having their name sold.

Terms of Sale

Purchasing Precious Metals

  • We will not do bullion business via E-Mail. We will only conduct our precious metals business via telephone (1-888-836-5527) or in person. We conduct all bullion business on a discretionary level, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

  • If you order bullion from us, we expect your payment to be postmarked the same day we complete the transaction via the telephone. When we make a deal on the phone your price is locked in. Neither party can change the deal in any way while we wait for the deal to clear, regardless of changes in the market. If your payment is not postmarked within 24hrs of locking in the deal on the telephone then our deal is voided and we must re-price your order.

  • All of the prices listed above are for cash, or a cash equivalent. Bullion Sales are non-refundable. By cash or cash equivalents we mean-Cash, Personal Checks, or Money orders. We do not accept credit cards on bullion.

  • We will accept payment by bank wire.

  • 7.25% sales tax applies to all orders totaling less than $1,500 delivered in the state of California, unless provided with a valid resale number.

  • Shipping & handling fees

    Gold orders totaling less than $2000.00 are $12.00.
    Gold orders totaling $2000.00 or more are $12.00 plus $2.00 per ounce.
    Gold orders totaling $10,000 or more are $35.00 (up to $75,000 per package).

    Silver orders are $25.00 for the first 100 oz.
    Silver orders from 101 ounces to 399 ounces are $30.
    Silver orders totaling 400 ounces or more are $35.00 up to 900 ounces per package.

  • 2018 American Silver Eagles

  • 20 Coin Minimum for Preorders
    We do not accept credit/debit cards on orders over 100 pieces.
  • Credit card orders for Silver Eagles are sold at the 1 piece rate

    American Silver Eagle Shipping Rates:

  • Free shipping for orders totaling $500.00 or more and up to 99 pieces.
  • Under $500.00 shipping is $9.00.
  • When ordering 100 pieces or more the silver bullion shipping rates apply.
  • Monster Box with Sealed U.S Mint box (500 pieces) will be shipped Fed Ex Ground with a $50 shipping charge.
  • Orders without Sealed U.S Mint box (500 pieces) will be shipped USPS Registered mail with a shipping charge of $35.00

    US 90% coin shipping rates are $35.00 per $1000.00 face value with a minimum charge of $15.00 per $100 Face Value. Maximum Shipping charge $35.00 per package.

  • Your order will be shipped as soon as we are assured good funds. Due to the newly enacted Banking Secrecy Regulations we are no longer able to ask your financial institution as to whether or not the funds have cleared your account, so when payment is made by personal check we will ship the product after 15 business days.

Selling Precious Metals

  • If you want to lock in your price make sure you call one of our gold buyers at 1-888-836-5527 and initiate a verbal agreement with one of our precious metals specialists. In order for the agreement to be valid you must ship your product the same day we speak on the telephone.

  • Do not ship items to us without phoning first. Our gold buyers have many packages arriving and must be able to match your package to your invoice.

  • When buying or selling gold, silver, platinum, or palladium bullion coins, perfect to near perfect condition is expected. Scratched, dented, worn or otherwise abused coins will be discounted from our bullion rates. When selling your scrap gold jewelry, condition is not important as we are after the metal content.

  • Make sure that you pack your products securely. Movement inside the package during shipping is your enemy. Coins are delicate and are easily damaged.

  • We recommend that you send your products insured and request a return receipt. We cannot guarantee the safety of your products until they reach Northern Nevada Coin.

  • Your payment will be mailed to you as soon as we receive the product. Our gold buyers pay by check or bank wire only when transactions are done through the mail. Bank wires are done at your cost.

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