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The Amazing Broken CC

During the minting process metal alloy is rolled out like cookie dough. Blanks, or planchets, are punched from the strips, just like making cookies. Occasionally the planchet suffers from an improper mixing of the metal. This happens more often than you might think, and when it does results may vary. Most often small flakes break away form the coin. Every once in a while a much larger break will occur, usually splitting the coin in half like an Oreo cookie. Rarer yet, a break across the coin (such as the one we have) occurs. Most of these types of errors would have never left the mint building because at that time coins were just money and nobody wanted a piece of money they couldn't spend. Besides that, the coiner could be fired for shoddy work. Quality control would have thrown this one back into the melting pot had they caught it. The fact that the break occurred on such a large coin also adds to its intrigue. On larger coins, errors were most often caught and destroyed at the mint being as they were easier to spot. Another amazing fact is that both halves of the coin remained with each other. In the world of errors, split planchets often have only one the two pieces surviving. We are glad that this coin has come to us having survived all these years in the state of preservation that it is.

We are proud of our trademark error at Northern Nevada Coin. Our error has it all! It is from our hometown of Carson City, it is a Morgan dollar error, it is split almost perfectly in half, and we have both halves preserved in mint state 64. We do believe that this piece is unique and more interesting than any other coin we have ever seen.

Value? Errors are highly sought after prizes- It is a Morgan dollar error, which are exceedingly rare- It is the most dramatic error we have ever seen on a Morgan dollar- The Morgan dollar is the most widely collected series in numismatics, making this piece of great interest to many collectors- Furthermore, it is a Carson City Morgan dollar- of which, the CC mint mark is the most sought after mint, and many collectors collect only CC material- So.................Who knows. All we know is that the coin is not for sale and we do not disclose what it took to own this beauty. We will not discuss what we think it should sell for if we sold it, because we won't. It is here only so that you can see it and enjoy it along with us. We hope you enjoy previewing this rarity. If you are coming to Carson City, Reno, Virginia City, Sparks, or the Lake Tahoe area please feel free to stop by and view all of our dollar errors and the Amazing Broken CC.

In addition to this amazing coin we have a gallery our Dollar Error collection. To take a tour of this amazing collection, simply click here to begin!

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Mon Dec 17 09:41:14 2018