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Welcome to our Quantity Discount Dollars

Morgan - Peace - Eisenhower

This page exists to serve our clients who like buying old silver dollars and love a good old fashioned quantity discount. On this page you can purchase old silver dollars priced in bulk for the best prices possible. We have thousands of these un-certified coins available. The prices listed on this page are for common date coins. We do not pick through for any type of date selection, but there are a host of possible dates to recieve. So, the more you order the better chance you have of a larger selection of dates. There should be no rare dates in these mixes. If you are looking for better date Morgan or Peace dollars visit our Coins for Sale page and choose from one of the multiple silver dollar pages listed. We have one of the best selections of rare date Morgan and Peace dollars in the country. Also, visit our Carson City GSA page as we carry thousands of Carson City Morgan dollars in their original GSA packaging.

Uncertified Silver Dollars

All coins accurately graded -- see our Statement of Quality
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1 Roll Cull Dollars$320.00Only $16.00 per coin
1 Roll 1904 & Older Cull DollarsOut of StockOnly $17.00 per coin

1904 & Older Morgan Dollars

1 Roll 1904 & Older G-VG$425.00Only $21.25 per coin
1 Roll 1904 & Older VG-VF$490.00Only $24.50 per coin
1 Roll 1904 & Older EF$530.00Only $26.50 per coin
1 Roll 1904 & Older AU$630.00Only $31.50 per coin
1 Roll 1904 & Older Slider$700.00Only $35.00 per coin
1 Roll 1904 & Older BU$900.00Only $45.00 per coin

1921 Morgan Dollars

1 Roll 1921 Morgan$350.00Only $17.50 per coin
1 Roll 1921 Morgan AU+$450.00Only $22.50 per coin
1 Roll 1921 Morgan BU$670.00Only $33.50 per coin
1 Roll 1921-D Morgan AU+$550.00Only $27.50 per coin
1 Roll 1921-S Morgan AU+$550.00Only $27.50 per coin

Peace Dollars

1 Roll Peace Dollars$330.00Only $16.50 per coin
1 Roll Peace Dollars AU+$430.00Only $21.50 per coin
1 Roll Peace Dollars BU$590.00Only $29.50 per coin

Nice Circulated Eisenhower Dollars

1 Roll Ike Dollars VG-AU+$27.40Only $1.37 per coin
100pcs. Ike Dollars VG-AU+$127.00Only $1.27 per coin
500pcs. Ike Dollars VG-AU+$620.00Only $1.24 per coin
1000pcs. Ike Dollars VG-AU+$1,180.00Only $1.18 per coin

Remember, orders over $500 we ship to you for FREE!

Dates of certified coins are our choice. In many cases your order may be all of the same date. Sorry, but we will not take requests for dates at these prices, as you are buying coins for their grade and not the date in this category.

Certified Silver Dollars

Pre-1921 Morgan Dollars certified by PCGS or NGC

10pcs. Pre-1921 Morgan graded MS-63$550.00Only $55.00 per coin
20pcs. Pre-1921 Morgan graded MS-63$1,080.00Only $54.00 per coin
10pcs. Pre-1921 Morgan graded MS-64$660.00Only $66.00 per coin
20pcs. Pre-1921 Morgan graded MS-64$1,300.00Only $65.00 per coin
10pcs. Pre-1921 Morgan graded MS-65$1,590.00Only $159.00 per coin
20pcs. Pre-1921 Morgan graded MS-65$3,100.00Only $155.00 per coin
10pcs. Pre-1921 Morgan graded MS-66$2,550.00Only $255.00 per coin

Peace Dollars certified by PCGS or NGC

10pcs. Peace graded MS-63$360.00Only $36.00 per coin
20pcs. Peace graded MS-63$710.00Only $35.50 per coin
10pcs. Peace graded MS-64$430.00Only $43.00 per coin
20pcs. Peace graded MS-64$850.00Only $42.50 per coin

Statement of Quality

All of our coins are graded accurately. Brilliant uncirculated coin listed are coins that would grade MS-60 to MS-63 at PCGS or NGC Guaranteed. We take great pride in culling out over-cleaned or damaged coins and we will not over-grade our dollars. Years of expertise in the arena of bulk dollars allows us to sell you the best quality to price ratio you'll find.

Furthermore all certified dollars listed on this page will be PCGS or NGC graded coins, mostly NGC. We believe these services to be the most consistent and marketable authentication services available, and want you to receive the best possible product for the money. All orders are subject to stock on hand. We reserve the right to forgo your order for any reason and to change prices at any time. We are certain that if you order dollars from this page you will be happy with the quality you receive.

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Mon Dec 17 09:21:03 2018