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Estates with Rare Coins

When dealing with an estate that contain rare coins Northern Nevada Coin can help. We have the expertise to help organize, value, and liquidate an estate that you may be dealing with. Our team has handled hundreds of estates ranging from a few hundred dollars to well in the millions. If you have questions or are in need of help with an estate call us today.

Appraising an Estate of Rare Coins

Very often the first step in dealing with an estate of rare coins is to have it appraised. Taxes and inheritances are based on the value of the coins that are to be passed on. Northern Nevada Coin has the expertise To value the worth of those coins. As a major retailer in the country we participate in the largest coin shows and auctions around the country which gives us true market knowledge. We not only sell through our retail venues but are also members of three separate dealer trading networks in the rare coin market. Our extensive knowledge assures you that the pricing of an estate is done with confidence and accuracy. We offer in house appraisal services for $100/hr. and $400/hr. for in court services. Off site appraisal fees may vary depending on travel time and resources needed in out of office situations. If you are in need of an appraisal of an estate set up an appointment at one of our three locations.

Liquidating an Estate

When it comes to the sale or liquidation of an estate of rare coins Northern Nevada Coin aims to make your experience the best it can be. We have the ability to liquidate your entire collection in an outright sale. Northern Nevada Coin has a large customer base in all arenas of the rare coin market and thus can make sure that if you wish to liquidate right away That can be taken care of for you. We can also represent you in auctioning a collection if need be. Most often this option is not needed as the auction companies have buyers and sellers fees that can be avoided by conducting private treaty sales, but Northern Nevada Coin has relationships with many of the best auction companies in the country and the market knowledge as to which one may best suit your needs if your collection warrants that route. With our relationships we can assure you that we can net you a better rate than if you approached them on your own. So whether you wish to sell the estate outright or need help in marketing it Northern Nevada Coin is the place to bring your estate of rare coins.

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