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So you heard that rare coins always increase in value?

Of course, being a savvy investor, you know that no investment always rises in value. The trick in rare coin and precious metals investing is knowledge. I know it sounds like the same old cliché, but it's a clicé for a reason. Doing research is key to good investment.

Investing in rare coins is more a speculation. Unlike many commodities the demand for coins is unpredictable. Nobody needs a coin. People buy coins for pure enjoyment, potential profit, and a hedge against currency. To say that a coin will increase in value is not a fact but rather a belief. What we do know is that a rare and desirable coin of years ago is still rare and desirable today, and will most likely be rare and desirable in the future. Let's face it, they can't make anymore. We are limited to the supply made years ago. Occasionally a hoard of a rare date is found and the price must adjust accordingly. We can not predict this happening and cannot prevent it when it does. But, it's not very likely anyone will find an unopened bag of 1893-S dollars. And yes, they still continue to rise in price.

If you bought dollars in early 1980 for around $50 a piece it may be some time before they reach that level again. Yet with the economy the way it is today, poised to see the stock market crash and the US dollar weaken, bulk silver dollars or gold coins may be a great hedge against inflation. For all we know the stock market could double in the next few years, but the other direction looks more likely. It is up to you where you want your money to be. We do suggest a portion of a persons portfolio contain from 5-15% of its value in precious metals or bullion related coins as a hedge against their currency and paper assets. This is only putting eggs in different baskets, a sometimes wise decision.

With all of that said, let's take a look at some of the great deals we have for you on this website. These items are priced right, and you'll see that our prices are hard to beat.

If you're the person who buys coins for the purity of collecting, check out our rare coins listed under one of our rare coin inventory pages by visiting our Coins for Sale Page. If you are not looking for numismatic pieces, but just want bullion related items, check out our Bullion page. And, finally there are those of you looking to purchase quantities of Dollars for which you may wish to visit our Bulk Dollars page.

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