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About Rare Coin Values

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with consistently good prices and value for the coins they purchase from us. Because we want to move volumes of coins, these consistent prices, along with our conservative and accurate grading, should keep you coming back.

Deciding what a coin is worth is our job. Whether we are purchasing the coin or selling it to you, our success depends on our correct determination of value. In order to accomplish this we go to many sources to determine the market value.

Our first source is the Coin Dealer News Letter, affectionately called the Greysheet. The Greysheet examines many sources of information such as teletype services, computerized trading networks, dealer trades, "buy" lists, and auction Prices Realized to determine the wholesale market of a coin. This market value tends to be "anyone's" buy price, in other words coins that are not traded as regularly may have very skewed bid prices. Information on this source can be found at

Next we look at Coin World magazine's Trends section. This price guide is geared towards the retail market, and shows what collectors are willing to pay for typical coins. Often, though not always, this price seems a little high, but it does reflect some of the disparity between the Greysheet and the actual market. To find out more about Coin World you can visit

Auction prices realized is an excellent gauge of market value. By examining these, we can see what people are actually willing to step up and pay for a coin. There are many publications out there where you can find prices. One helpful place to check out is But most book stores will have these publications in their hobby section.

Online price guides are available by the score. Our personal favorite is the PCGS price guide at, but a search of the web will list quite a few.

And finally, there is the Redbook, or Guide book to United States Coins. This book is a great help to anyone interested in coins and is a must have. However, because of the time involved to compile an annual issue many of the prices are outdated.

As you can see there is a great deal of research involved in pricing. We believe this research is well worth it when we can offer you coins at consistent fair prices.

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