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Nevada National Bank Notes

Being from Nevada, we value our historical bank notes more than most. We are always seeking out these rare pieces of old national currency. Whether you have a $5, $10, $20, $50 or even a $100 bill from Nevada we are going to be interested. Nevada national bank notes were made in both large and small formats. Large notes, or 'horse blankets', were made up until the 1929 series. There were original series notes made in Nevada, 'brown backs', 'date backs' and 'plain backs' made in Nevada. Also, both red seals and blue seals were made in the in the large bill format. The small size Nevada notes are made with brown numbers and seals. Generally large bank notes from Nevada will be valued at the highest prices, but all pieces of Nevada paper money are rare and we actively look for them.

Nevada Bank notes are some of the rarest bank notes and are therefore always valued highly. There were only 16 issuing charters from Nevada and only 13 cities or towns that issued these rare bank notes. Listed below are 18 different titles as two banks retained their charter numbers but changed the name of the bank. Two of the issuing charters or towns are still unknown to the antique collector community. The two unknown bank notes are from Rhyolite and Austin Nevada. If you have, or know of, either an Austin, Nevada bank note, or a Rhyolite, Nevada bank note we would love to hear from you. Reno bank notes are the most common of Nevada currency, but even those will often bring $1000 or better. If you are lucky enough to have one of the rarer notes from Nevada we could be talking to you in the six figures! The following are the charter numbers and titles of the issuing banks from Nevada. Rarity and value will vary from bank to bank, but we are interested in any and all rare bank notes from Nevada. So, if you have one please contact us. We look forward to working with you.

Here is the list of charters and issuing Nevada banks:

  • #1331 - The First National Bank of Nevada at Austin
  • #9242 - The First National Bank of Carson City
  • #9578 - The Copper National Bank of East Ely
  • #7743 - The First National Bank of Elko
  • #9310 - The First National Bank of Ely
  • #8561 - The Ely National Bank
  • #11784 - The Farmers & Merchants National Bank of Eureka
  • #9078 - The First National Bank of Goldfield
  • #7654 - The First National Bank of Lovelock
  • #9452 - The McGill National Bank
  • #7038 - The First National Bank of Reno
  • #2478 - The Farmers & Merchants National Bank of Reno
  • #2478 - Second title - The First National Bank in Reno
  • #8424 - The Nixon National Bank
  • #8424 - Second Title - The Reno National Bank
  • #8686 - The First National Bank of Rhyolite
  • #8530 - The Nevada First National Bank of Tonopah
  • #3575 - The First National Bank of Winnemucca

When contacting us about a rare Nevada National bank note, please call our Carson City store (775)884-1660 and ask for Allen. Of course if you are in the area you can bring it to any of our Northern Nevada Coin locations to get assistance. We have bought and sold numerous valuable large and small Nevada Bank notes and using our expertise will help you to not only find a great home for your note, but also net you a great deal of money. Whether you call your rare Nevada National a bank note, bill, or antique currency it all spells money to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Here are a few photos of various Nevada national bank notes: The pictures of these notes are not proportionate to their size. The Elko bank note shown is a small size bank note. The size of this bill is the same size as our current money. Please note the serial numbers and seal are brown. The Reno bank note on the bottom is again the small size example of a Nevada bank note. This one is a type two as its charter number is printed in small font and brown text as well as the larger black charter number on the side. The other two bank notes are from Reno, Nevada. These are large sized bank notes. Both were from the series 1902, but each had its own issuing bank. These bills are larger than our current currency.

Image of a First National Bank of Elko Nevada 20 Dollar Bill

Image of a Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Reno 5 Dollar Bill

Image of a Reno National Bank 5 Dollar Demand Note

Image of a First National Bank of Reno Nevada 5 Dollar Bill

The pictures of the Nevada bank notes above come from our own stock. The serial numbers have been blocked as a security measure.

Inventory Updated:
Mon Dec 17 10:30:53 2018